2017 Goals … And The #1 Resolution You Should STOP Making



So, I may be a little late to the party (4 days late), however I promised in my last blog post that I would share with you all my resolutions for 2017. Just a quick heads up, I am not a massive fan of New Years Resolutions. They don’t work. According to forbes.com, just 8% of people actually achieve their resolutions. Why? Because (and this is scientifically proven – I have done my research) they are often “health” (which really means weight) related, and people make the exact same ones, year after year, 10 times on average. And the number one resolution? Dieting. My next blog post will get into the specifics of why exactly dieting doesn’t work (in fact it’s actually extremely harmful), but it has been proven time and time again that dieters regain all the weight they lost during the diet, and often much more. It lowers your metabolism, zaps your energy, diminishes your mental health and not to mention raises your hunger levels through the roof. Which, of course,  is what causes dieters to give up and binge eat their way through a whole box of cereal and anything else they can find in the kitchen cupboard.

So, with that said, I will not be making any sort of diet resolution this year, or any year in the future. Instead, here are some goals I will be heading towards:

Find More Balance. I blogged about this the other week, and although I do feel I am more balanced than I have ever been, I still feel like I’m juggling. University work, friends, my boyfriend, family, PT qualification, my job, the gym. I sometimes feel like I prioritise some things and neglect others, so I need to plan all of these things into my life and make sure I am investing energy into each one, little and often, but not so much that I burn myself out.

Eat Intuitively. After so long of being on diets and then counting my macros, my body stopped bothering to tell me when it was hungry or full, and what it actually wanted to eat rather than what I was forcing down her (ahem, kale smoothies). In 2016 I slowly began to trust myself and my body again, and learnt how to listen. I feel like last year was my major transition stage and this year I’m going to focus on maintenance. I plan not to count a single macro or restrict myself in any way, shape or form. I’m going to carry on putting 100% into my recovery, not let diet culture suck me back in and continue with my journey of intuitive eating.


Put Plans In Place For Travelling. This time next year I want to be sat writing my 2018 resolutions sat on a beach in Australia. Saving money starts NOW.

Complete My PT Qualification and Become A Practicing Personal Trainer. There is SO much bullshit in the fitness industry, often coming straight from the mouths of personal trainers. I heard one personal trainer shouting at his client the other week to “burn off the mince pies”. Exercise should be fun and not a punishment, losing weight should come from a place of self love and intrinsic rather than extrinsically motivated, and contrary to popular belief having visible abdominals and being lean isn’t the be all and end all of fitness. I believe in a Health At Every Size approach to fitness, which basically means acknowledging that health comes in every different shape and size and we should celebrate this uniqueness rather than try to change it in order to fit with the societal ideal of “fit”.


Become Stronger: By the end of year I will be able to …

  • Deadlift 100kg
  • Do 5 pull ups
  • Do 10 chin ups
  • Shoulder press 16’s
  • Bench press 50kg
  • Hip-thrust 150kg

Commit to my yoga practice more: There is this feeling I get when I practice yoga that I can’t seem to find anywhere else. It’s this immediate sense of peace, connection with my body and acceptance of everything around me. I admit I’ve been slacking with my yoga practice recently and I want to pick it back up again. Instead of following guided yoga videos I’m going to start practicing intuitively, as I think that will help me grow the most.


Meet More Like-Minded People. I thought I’d stopped making friends at the age of 18, but this year I started connecting with more and more people, especially through social media, that I could really relate to, especially in both the fitness and the body positivity community. My aim this year is to start going to more events, meet-ups etc to actually meet more of these people in person.

Live With More Flexibility. I am the type of person who has to know exact times of every single event that is happening in my life, plan my day to a T, and if anyone changes/cancel plans I have a full on mini breakdown. This originally stemmed from my weird eating habits when I was recovering (i.e. having to eat every 3 hours on the dot), but it’s a habit that has just stuck. I like structure, I like plans and I like routine. However, life doesn’t always work like that. People are flaky (my god people are flaky). Life is flaky. And the only way I can deal with that is by changing my reaction to it, and put the situation into perspective.


Be More Mindful. The main ways I do this at the moment is through yoga and 10 minutes of meditation a day. However, when those activities are over I’m straight back to thinking about what I need to be doing, worrying about money, food, time etc. Which essentially renders the meditation useless. So I’m going to make a conscious effort to be more in the moment. One big one for me is letting go of the attachment to my phone, checking facebook, Instagram, snapchat etc. This is probably the opposite of being in the moment. And really, when was  last time you checked Facebook and actually felt like you’d done something worthwhile?

Continue Working On My Own Self-Development. This is my last, and most important, resolution for the year. Read as much as I physically can, meditate and connect with my mind every morning, listen to eating disorder recovery and body positivity podcasts (because sometimes I need to be gently nudged back onto the right track again),  fill my social media and my mind with content that will keep me going in the right direction, and blog more. I’m going to carry on falling in love with myself as much as I possibly can, as I’ve spent too long listening to the hate that fuelled my mind. I’m going prioritise my own self care and get rid of anything and anyone that no longer serves me.


This year I encourage you to be selfish. I encourage you to prioritise yourself, for once in your life.


Remember you don’t need the excuse of New Year to make a change – you are capable of this every single day, you just need the courage to start.

Happy 2017!

Lots of love,

Kirsty xxxxxxxx

email: baines.kirsty@hotmail.co.uk

Instagram: The Kirsty Way



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