Who Is The Kirsty Way?

Welcome to my blog!

About me:

I am a 23 year old Psychology graduate and an advocate of  self love, yoga, blogging, + breakfast. I believe in an integrated approach to health and fitness and only by working on our body, mind, spirit and soul can we achieve true health and happiness. After suffering with disordered eating for a number of years during my late teens, I am now passionate about helping others to find their own freedom with food and their body, and ditch the diet once and for all.

I am on a journey to educate both myself and others on the life changing benefits of intuitive eating, Health at Every Size® (HAES), body acceptance and body positivity.

I would LOVE it if you came and joined me in this journey!

Instagram: TheKirstyWay

Facebook: Kirsty Baines

Twitter: KirstyBaines2

Email: baines.kirsty@hotmail.co.uk

Lots of love,



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